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  • Today I joined [http://www.wikimedia.org.au Wikimedia Australia]. [[Category:Wikimedia]]
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  • Today I joined [http://www.wikimedia.org.au Wikimedia Australia]. [[Category:Wikimedia]]
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  • | categories = Wikimedia Australia; Wikimedia; travel; ...ogether — it's never happened since I've been involved in Wikimedia stuff. Australia's a bit too big, really.
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  • ...https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/History_of_West_Australia ''History of West Australia''], or at least the first twenty-one main chapters. I fixed up a couple of [[Category:History of West Australia]]
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  • ...ve been going along to meetups for a few years. It's great to meet other [[Wikimedia]]ns, and pretty casual and more of a social thing than an attempt to get an
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  • I was part of the Wikimedia Australia gang at the ASA2018 conference in Perth. File:2018-09-28 Hinkler room door sign for Wikimedia workshop at ASA2018.jpg
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  • # Wikimedia [https://commons.wikimedia.org/ Commons] for media of general interest. Public family history research. There’s some [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_genealogy_project discussion about this] on Meta.
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  • ...nes) to get research stuff online. Is it Flickr, Zenodo, Internet Archive, Wikimedia, and Github? Or is it a shared hosting account on Dreamhost, running MediaW ...a good place for photos (in Australia) because you can add them to the <em>Australia in Pictures</em> group and they'll turn up in searches on Trove. The Intern
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  • ...iption=The personal website of a software engineer from Fremantle, Western Australia. ...[[Programming|Software Engineer]] at the [[Wikipedia:Wikimedia Foundation|Wikimedia Foundation]],
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  • ...nt that's happening today, at a bunch of office locations in cities around Australia and with lots of other people taking part distributedly. I'm looking forwar ...to be open.) This is such a common thing — not just with OSM, but also the Wikimedia universe. It sounds like there are lots of great people on the case (on bot
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  • ...rk, and it was raining, and I was completely jet-lagged from the trip from Australia the day before. ...org/wiki/File%3ALibrary_Table_MET_DP209329.jpg "Gustav Stickley [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons")
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  • ...ese great, free, open, public libraries of content — the Internet Archive, Wikimedia Foundation projects, etc. — is a Good Thing. Doing so in a collaborative, The other way, the document-based way, would be to do something like the Australia Institute and other places do with their press-releases: make each post a P
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