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Addressbook Plugin

This plugin is no longer being developed, sorry. If you would like to take over maintenance of it, please contact me.

Background: I was working on my little bookkeeping system (which just happens to be a WordPress plugin) and I needed some way of managing a list of clients’ addresses. I searched around a bit, on the codex and but couldn’t find any sort of addressbook utility. So I thought I’d write my own, and here it is.

Download: Since August 2007 and version 0.4 I have been managing this plugin via the plugin database and code repository. Go to to read more, and download Addressbook.

Usage: To install, copy the addressbook directory to your plugins directory (by default, this is ~/wp-content/plugins/) and activate the plugin in your plugin manager. The addressbook is at ‘Manage » Addressbook’. The Codex has more about managing plugins.

You can embed a list of your addresses in a blog post or page by putting <addressbook /> wherever you want the list to appear. The HTML generated by this is semantically-markedup, so you can fine-tune the appearance of it through your theme’s stylesheet.

Reporting bugs & feature requests: Please leave any comments, bug reports and/or feature suggestions on the plugin release posts, of which you can find a list at the end of the link below.

Addressbook Plugin release announcements »

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