Coding; Quakerism; and a Boring Title

I had hoped to be able to post an announcement today about a new version of the Addressbook plugin, but unfortunately it’s not quite ready.  I’ve done a bit of fiddling (this will only add 0.0.1 to the version after all), and have just a little more to do.  Then I will get on with some actually useful coding — import/export, user images, custom fields, etc.

I am planning on writing a user script for Operator, so that contacts from anywhere on the web can be imported into a WordPress addressbook with just one click (only one contact at a time, at the moment).  Won’t that be grand?  Ha.

Have I done anything else with my day?  Thought of anything, seen anything, to warrant a blog post?!  No.  Not really.  But this is Nablopomo, and so I don’t feel so bad.

* * *

I note that Emily is in India, and has recommenced blogging. Got me thinking about Quakerism and blogging, and how both (can) involve putting oneself ‘out there’ in the sight of God or the public (and, look, I’m nottrying to make this comparison go a very long way…) and being honest about oneself. I guess that’s why I first started blogging: to not hide anything; to be honest. And there’s something about the honesty of Quakers that is very different from what is usually thought of as ‘honesty’, I think. Something about how God* knows us utterly and completely, and so duplicity is impossible; if impossible there, and if the Light is to shine on every moment and place of our lives, then dishonesty really does seem to be ungodly.

The blogging parallel is just that one is writing for an audience that includes one’s family, future employers, friends, exs, and everyone else, and so putting up the usual differing social faces is futile. What I write here, I don’t really care who reads.

(Not a very exciting parallel, then.)

* I use the word ‘God’ really as something of a convenience: I’m not usually given to thinking about the-divine-spirit-of-all-things in any biblical sense.

* * *

Lastly, I just want to make a note here, for my own sake really, that I am very much missing Canberra at the moment. Don’t know why I mention it, but there you have it. Now I’ll get back to that code … hmm, or Little Creatures…

Addressbook Update

Right. There we go. What was I saying? Yes, Addressbook Plugin…

Desiderata thus far (taken from comments and emails, and in order of proposed implementation):

  • Export CSV;
  • Import CSV;
  • Photo upload (probably over-ride the Gravatar, but show a note that there is a Gravatar?);
  • Custom fields;

I’ll also be refactoring most of the code while (no, before) I’m at it.  Things are getting a bit silly.  So bear with me, I know I’m slow but I do intend to get around to all of the ideas that people are throwing at me (ha! what do I care about feature creep?!).

More soon (tomorrow, in fact).

Addressbook Version One! (was v.0.9)

[This post was about version 0.9, but I’ve sorted out a major bug, and added Gravatars, and because my daft consecutive version numbering system was up to it, I’ve had to release Version One twenty minutes after 0.9; I didn’t see the point of writing a whole new post.]

I’ve added support for the hCard microformat; if you want this to be a fun thing, I recommend getting the Operator addon for Firefox (you’re already using Firefox, aren’t you? You should be, it’s not pants (to quote S. Fry)).

If an addressbook contact has a gravatar, it will now be displayed in both address lists.

As always, get this version from the WordPress site, and give me any feedback in the comments to this post. Thanks!

Addressbook v.0.7 and other plugins

I have been ignoring this blog lately, I know. I’ve just been rather annoyed with WordPress, to tell the truth, and have been off playing in PmWiki at my own little place under So, sorry, no exciting updates from Life At IBM (ha! as if there ever was!)

Anyway, I’ve just released the latest version of my Addressbook plugin (so tell me anything I need to know about it here, below). This release fixes a couple of bugs that Benny brought to light, and reduces to Level 4 the required user level that a user must be at in order to manage the addressbook.

I’m also about to release a little image slideshow (or banner rotation) plugin that I (lovingly crafted) last night for Kerrie Tucker’s blog. (I’m just waiting for the repository to be approved.) And I might neaten up my bookkeeping plugin and release that later this week…

Thanks everyone, for using Addressbook.

Addressbook v.0.5

Moving Addressbook to WordPress’ Subversion repository (and changing things to conform to the standard plugin guidelines) meant that a few links got broken, and I’ve only just had time to fix things. So, I apologise to anyone who got a broken copy; download the new one and all should be well.

As always, comments (bugs, features, whatever) can be left below.

Addressbook plugin now on

I have finally got around to registering the Addressbook plugin on From now on, I will use the Subversion repository there for managing the plugin, and not this site; I will still post update announcements here, though.

See for the latest version and other information. The version that I have just put up there is 0.4, the same as the latest available here; I will be incorporating people’s suggestions, and releasing a new version — maybe even 1.0! — soon.

Addressbook v.0.4

Addressbook v.0.4 is now available. A major bug with the editing function has been fixed, and a user-requested new feature introduced.

You can now embed an addressbook list into your posts or pages. Insert <addressbook /> wherever you want a semantically-markedup list of your addresses to appear. You can change the look of the list through your theme’s stylesheet.

To upgrade to this version, simply overwrite the old addressbook.php file in your /wp-content/plugins directory, and next time you view the addressbook page (Manage » Addressbook) the update will occur. No database changes are made this time.