Archive Team

A while ago I came across Archive Team, a group of people dedicated to *saving* any and all digital cultural heritage materials (read: websites) that are being deleted (or in danger of being deleted; or just because they want to).

Like Geo Cities. Or those BBC sites that were closed. Or a dozen other things that no one is likely to think about, nor would’ve missed — but they’re saving them nonetheless.

Brilliant work! Not only necessary and sensible and useful, but done with such style!

Who else is making ctrl-s an act of defiance?! (And, yes, legitimising digital hoarding, perhaps…)

On saving bits of the web (but not why it’s worth it)

172 doomed BBC websites saved by one geek, for $3.99 [Local archive]

I used to not bother saving anything that I read on the web, figuring that it was all either insignificant ephemera or would be there forever. Now, I save whatever takes my fancy — not aiming at comprehensiveness (of course! I’m not the IA) — and stick it up wherever seems fitting (Wikisource, if it fits there, or one of my own sites).

Of course, there’s no guarantee that *my* copies of this stuff will survive, but that’s why *everyone* should save the things they think are interesting. That way, there’s multiple copies (hmm, which reminds me of LOCKSS), and it also gives some insight into the person doing the saving — personal archives are often more interesting than institutional…