Cycle to Perth

I cycled to Perth yesterday, mainly as a way to stop thinking about things. I didn’t really think there would be any OSM mapping to be done on such a popular route, and there wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for the roadworks along the freeway

End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks
End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks (2019-08-17)

which forced me to cross over the overpass and ride through the streets of South Perth. The official detour ended and I could have crossed back, but I carried on… through non-cyclepaths and large detours around intersections.

Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth
Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth (2019-08-17)

I looked at the map, and it did actually look like there was a whole path along the golf course that wasn’t on the map, but actually it was added a month ago and OSMand hasn’t updated yet.

But it was interesting to see the new timber shingles being put on the Old Mill.

New shingles being installed on the Old Mill, South Perth. — 2019-08-17 The Old Mill, roof renovations 1.jpg (17 August 2019, 13:47:05) by Samwilson, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

On bikes, crying, and the remedy to helplessness to be found in fixing

I shouldn’t really be blogging this morning — I’ve got my last exam tomorrow afternoon and I’m supposed to be studying — but, when the spirit moves, what can we do but be moved by it? I’d thought that I’d not blog again, or at least not for a while, but this morning the bus didn’t come.

Strange, isn’t it, how some events can lead one to feel strong and seemingly quite unconnected emotions? I didn’t want to wait until the next bus, so I went home to get out my bike — for the first time in three weeks — and ride to school. Being the pedant that I am when it comes to Things (things be right or fuck them off I say!), I couldn’t bear just jumping on the dirty, sad machine, all rained-on and ignored, so I got out my tools and cleaned and pumped and oiled. I knew all the time that there were faults (the rear wheel being a case in point) that would annoy me and make me feel nothing short of miserable, and many times in the three minutes I thought I’d stop and give up…

Like a textbook case of someone being emotionally affected by the smooth-running, or lack thereof, of machinery [is there such a textbook? I’d love to read it!], the failure of my gears to change smoothly this morning nearly had me in tears. I was close to getting off the bike, throwing it in the gutter and storming away from it forever! Nothing unusual in that, though; why do you think I haven’t been riding lately? I knew that this would happen. What came of this though, and what prompted me to blog, was a realisation that in fact it is precisely because I am so affected by the well-workingness of the things around me that I must strive to have them as I wish. If one can be provoked to intense love by nothing more than the particular position of a teapot on a tray (for example), then one must certainly not deny positioning it thus! There is too much at stake to shrug it off, to say that it doesn’t matter, to *try not to care*. Nothing is more important than paying attention to the things that you care about!

My cycle’s grinding gears made me sad, so I plotted — the cable needed to be loosened by a bit less than a millimeter I figured — and I stopped, did what needed to be done, and huzza! hooray! glory be to the god of the cog! it worked! and my bike ran smoothly all the way to town. I smiled. Life was once again, not only okay, but perfect, glorious, joyful and I lov’d it. Riding to school on the bus never would have done this for me.