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micro.blog sounds like a cool thing built on top of the existing blogosphere, allowing anyone to microblog (i.e. tweet) from the comfort of their own personally-controlled blog installation (e.g. WordPress).

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Write whatever

A few items in my news feed this morning are about why it’s okay to write short blog posts. Going forward, if I have thoughts to put down in my blog, they go in. No matter how rough or short … Continue reading

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Planet Freo not offline

I thought I’d better phrase the title of this post in the negative, seeing as the blasted thing has been more often offline over the last couple of months than it has been online. Even when it’s been online it’s … Continue reading

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Planet Freo back online

Planet Freo has been offline for most of the last week. It is working again now, but I’m doing work to make it more stable. MoonMoon needs some love! Thanks to everyone who reported the outage; it’s lovely to know … Continue reading

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New blog for Planet Freo

Fremantle Reform has been added to Planet Freo.

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Where’s ‘Freo Farm’ gone?

The Freo Farm website has gone off the air, it would seem. http://freofarm.wordpress.com/ is now an empty blog called Marginal Field.

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Ghost for blogging?

As much as I don’t really know why people can’t just host their own blogs, I think this sort of service is pretty great: Ghost has initially launched to a small group of investors who donated money through Kickstarter, the … Continue reading

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Jeffersonian Yeoman bloggers

Great post yesterday from The Blasphemous Bicycler about people not controlling their own data: The reasons for this are fairly easy to deduce. We were all swept away by “social media.” To send a tweet, update your Facebook status, or … Continue reading

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How to kill WordPress

(Other than mis-capitalising its ‘P’, that is.) I have had a wordpress site (see, I’m failing even to give it a capital ‘W’ now) for many years, since about… umm… November 3rd 2003 at 16:01:23 or thereabouts. I’m finally sick … Continue reading

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Marco Arment on why you should own your online identity

Own your identity by Marco Arment: If you care about your online presence, you must own it. I do, and that’s why my email address has always been at my own domain, not the domain of any employer or webmail … Continue reading

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