One speed: slow?

Another gap in posts for this blog; sorry. (Not that there’s anyone reading this to say sorry to, but as they say: meh.) It’s not that I haven’t been writing lately, I have, but in places that the web doesn’t reach; I’ve been enjoying that.

But it’s four-thirty on a Thursday afternoon and I’m at work. Thus, I have a) no inclination to do any work; b) a whole host of other things that I would rather be doing; and c) some stupid compulsion to remain here until five o’clock. The latter is probably due to the boss still being here.

Oh, no he’s not, he’s just left. See ya.

(This post was going to be about singlespeed bicycles, esperanto, and how good it is to not write on the web, but that can all wait. Apologies for the remaining pointlessness.)


Things have cheered up since yesterday, primarily because of my morning’s start of good fruit toast (thanks to a trip to the Co-op last night) and a coffee. I don’t usually have a coffee in the morning, that’s why I mention it. Even then, it’s not a very interesting thing to say. I probably shouldn’t have said anything.


Now I’ve lost my train of thought; I had something to say, you see, something about… well, if I could remember what it was about, I’d probably just say it… oh well.



I’ve just discovered the ABC’s blogs ( and I quite like what I’ve read so far. Maybe it’s just the idea of far-away correspondents filing these ‘letters home’ that appeals. A chap with a laptop (I’d like to think he’d be writing in longhand, on some favorite brand of Australian notepaper, but I realise the anachronism in that; he ain’t Bill Deedes) stopping his rental car by the side of a dirt road and pondering the economic future of the place he’s in, with Australian readers in mind. Postcards home, from people I’ll never know. (How odd the world is.)

I pulled up this editing window because I had to write something: I’ve been sitting here all afternoon slumping lower and lower in my chair, trying to focus on the magical world of Tivoli Storage Management Concepts. So magical. So engaging. Yes.

Oh, God, let me out of here! I really don’t know how I will manage being in this office over the remainder of this year, as the weather warms up, and all I want to do is stroll around enjoying spring! I’m not convinced of Tivoli’s ability to save me…

I’d thought to write no more on this blog, at least while employed at IBM. That being all day long at a computer would deter me from using a computer to express anything of myself — but that doesn’t work: sitting at this computer all day without using it to express something at least slightly human, has just dragged me down into a sort of mind-numbing ‘droid-like state, from which nothing looks worthwhile or interesting. Can’t have that. So I’ll keep spilling these poorly-thought-out thoughts onto this blog (in the fairly sure knowledge that very, very few people will ever read them).