NaBloPoMo day II, and already nothing to say.

Roger's bottle topIt’s hot! The first sight of the firey face of summer? Perhaps so. I’ve not been in this house for a summer yet, but I think it’s going to be okay. I’m even rather looking forward to it. Getting home from work, cracking open a beer, sitting down to… well, fiddle with Semantic Mediawiki as I am this afternoon, or so some other geeky, all-too-much-like-work sort of thing…

Anyway, my mind is full of ideas of how to effectively be an ‘e-volunteer’ for the Local History Collection (or something along those lines), and I’ve got a bunch of things that I want to do on the FS sites, so I’m going to ignore my blog for today.

Sorry for a pointless post (although, I don’t suppose anyone’s actually reading this, for me to be appologising to).

A slow day

This morning I began a boxboard mock-up of a set of pidgeonholes for stationery; more on that later. I’m also thinking about the possibility of a bathroom cabinet. I am working again on my bookplate, this time with a view to printing in full colour (I am discovering just how little I know about Illustrator). The weather is so lovely at the moment and I really want to go to the beach… And ooh err: it’s remembrance day; how much that means to me!