Today, it seems to me that the incremental construction approach is best. Don’t tear everything down and start again! That’s slow, and will never result in an improvement overall — some parts will be better, but others worse. Instead, find the bit that is most rubbish, and fix that. Then repeat. The growth will be messy and disorganised, but will have a quality that otherwise would never be achieved. Both a particular quality and a vibe of quality I mean.

A Created Environment

Ben Lee delivered an intriguing, in depth (an hour and a half!) talk on his work as Artistic Director for a computer game company. What particularly fascinated me about this topic was the attention to detail that is given to the fantastic environments that Ben and his ilk create. Amazing! The fantasy/sci-fi world is full of this sort of thing: people imagining environments and virtually ‘building’ them. I am particularly struck with the concept of inventing an environment to inhabit, (of course this isn’t limited to computer interfaces), for isn’t that what humans try to do in so many ways? What if we look around and try to notice that we are living in an amazing 3D environment in which we can interact with every ‘asset’ (that’s what they call discrete objects in a computer game)? Shouldn’t we then set to marvelling at everything around us, thinking “Wow, I can actually touch things!”

So that’s what I’m going to do now…