Sam's notebook

CuppaShack (Winterfold Road cafe) January 29th, 2015, 7AM


Just tried the new cafe that’s opened at the shops near the corner of Winterfold Road and Carrington Street. It’s far nicer than I was expecting! Not that a suburban shopping centre should be expected to produce boring cafes, it’s just that they rather often do. :-) It was a nice place to sit outside, […]

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What I Saw From A Café In Fremantle January 13th, 2007, 3PM


Spareparts Puppet Teatre; the now-ornamental crane at ‘E’ Shed; a line of billboards hiding much; and the corner of the railway station — these form the horizon of my view from here. There’s Norfolk Pines, this café’s umbrellas, and the awning above filling in most of the rest of the scene, and all framed by […]

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