Abandoned code projects

One of the sad things about open source software is the process of working on some code, feeling like it’s going somewhere good and is useful to people, but then at some point having to abandon it. Normally just because life moves on and the higher-priority code always has to be the stuff that earns an income, or just that there are only so many slots for projects in my brain.

I feel this way about Tabulate, the WordPress plugin I was working on until a year ago, and about a few Dokuwiki plugins that I used to maintain. All were good fun to work on, and served reasonably useful places in some people’s websites. But I don’t have time, especially as it takes even more time & concentration to switch between completely separate codebases and communities — the latter especially. So these projects just languish, usually until some wonderful person comes along on Github and asks to take over as maintainer.

I am going to try to keep up with Tabulate, however. It doesn’t need that much work, and the WordPress ecosystem is a world that I actually find quite rewarding to inhabit (I know lots of people wouldn’t agree with that, and certainly there’s a commercial side to it that I find a bit tiring).

Not this morning, though, but maybe later this week… :-)

Wikisource category browser now has other languages

I’ve updated the Wikisource validated works’ category browser tool to include other languages. So far it’s just Italian, and to some perhaps-incorrect extent French (there’s only four? that’s not right).

I just need more Wikisources to tell me the names of their validated works and root categories, and it’ll just be a matter of adding these to the config to get them running.

The category list is updated weekly.

Coding; Quakerism; and a Boring Title

I had hoped to be able to post an announcement today about a new version of the Addressbook plugin, but unfortunately it’s not quite ready.  I’ve done a bit of fiddling (this will only add 0.0.1 to the version after all), and have just a little more to do.  Then I will get on with some actually useful coding — import/export, user images, custom fields, etc.

I am planning on writing a user script for Operator, so that contacts from anywhere on the web can be imported into a WordPress addressbook with just one click (only one contact at a time, at the moment).  Won’t that be grand?  Ha.

Have I done anything else with my day?  Thought of anything, seen anything, to warrant a blog post?!  No.  Not really.  But this is Nablopomo, and so I don’t feel so bad.

* * *

I note that Emily is in India, and has recommenced blogging. Got me thinking about Quakerism and blogging, and how both (can) involve putting oneself ‘out there’ in the sight of God or the public (and, look, I’m nottrying to make this comparison go a very long way…) and being honest about oneself. I guess that’s why I first started blogging: to not hide anything; to be honest. And there’s something about the honesty of Quakers that is very different from what is usually thought of as ‘honesty’, I think. Something about how God* knows us utterly and completely, and so duplicity is impossible; if impossible there, and if the Light is to shine on every moment and place of our lives, then dishonesty really does seem to be ungodly.

The blogging parallel is just that one is writing for an audience that includes one’s family, future employers, friends, exs, and everyone else, and so putting up the usual differing social faces is futile. What I write here, I don’t really care who reads.

(Not a very exciting parallel, then.)

* I use the word ‘God’ really as something of a convenience: I’m not usually given to thinking about the-divine-spirit-of-all-things in any biblical sense.

* * *

Lastly, I just want to make a note here, for my own sake really, that I am very much missing Canberra at the moment. Don’t know why I mention it, but there you have it. Now I’ll get back to that code … hmm, or Little Creatures…