A stopped Aeropress

There’s an Aeropress trick of turning the plunger upside-down and putting the coffee and water in from the bottom. Every time I try it I nearly stuff it up because I never put the plunger in far enough, and so when I turn the whole assembly over the plunger gets forced out a bit and hot coffee and grounds goes all over the place. Well, nearly.

So instead, I put it in the proper way up: filter and cap on, then coffee in, then water — and then I get super fancy and balance the plunger on top, not pushed in at all but just 100% blocking the air. This stops the water dripping through, and can sit like that for a minute or two. Then, it’s just a matter of depressing the plunger normally.

CuppaShack (Winterfold Road cafe)

Just tried the new cafe that’s opened at the shops near the corner of Winterfold Road and Carrington Street. It’s far nicer than I was expecting! Not that a suburban shopping centre should be expected to produce boring cafes, it’s just that they rather often do. :-)

It was a nice place to sit outside, the tables are nothing unusual (the chairs weigh a ton), and they weren’t playing the radio but rather had chosen what music to inflict on people — with good results. And the coffee was terrific.

Updated: I got the name wrong earlier; it’s not got a space in it.


I like this place, the long concrete room and rough edges (even the floor still has lino glue on it, as it should), with the bright sunshine coming in only from the street end. The furniture is pretty bad — I don’t think a single one of the tables is the right height, and they’ve got three sizes to choose from. That doesn’t matter too much (although I never bring my laptop, for shoulder-hunching reasons)… the vibe is good! The coffee is probably the best in Freo. The cakes are good, but few in type. Anyway, I like it here. When the CAT bus passes along Market Street, the whole room becomes orange and dim for a moment.


Roll in to work, settle in for half an hour or so, and then head to the tearoom to make a cup of coffee. A good way to get one’s head in for a nice morning building databases. But that’s further down the list of Best Ways to Drink Coffee…

  1. A nice cosy cafe, without overly-loud music, tables a good height and not rocking, and nothing at all to do for a good few hours. Espresso.
  2. The office coffee machine, or ‘coffee printer’ — as it really does behave more like a noisy dot-matrix printer.
  3. Mocca-pot, or (secondly) frech press, at home with just-ground beans and a clean kitchen in which to make it. The choice of cup is far more satisfying here.
  4. A ”coffee bag” can be surprisingly good if all else fails.

Note that the muck they call instant coffee does not appear in this list.