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MediaWiki Documentation Day 2017

It’s MediaWiki Documentation Day 2017! So I’ve been documenting a couple of things, and I’ve added a bit to the Xtools manual. The latter is actually really useful, not so much from the end-user’s point of view because I dare … Continue reading

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Glossaries in Semantic MediaWiki

A simple glossary system for Semantic MediaWiki that lets you define key terms for use in technical documentation etc. A term can be referenced from anywhere in the wiki with {{defined term inline|term}}. This results in the term being displayed … Continue reading

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Literate Documentation: Writing about the code

This morning I’m returning to work on some code that I haven’t touched for a few months, and I’ve been rather dreading getting back to it. I’ve forgotten all the details; never knew many of them anyway. I was working … Continue reading

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The documenting of how we live, where we live, what we do — that’s what I’m interested in. And it’s a waste of time, really, in that it doesn’t contribute to any of those things (oh, of course that’s simplifying … Continue reading

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