What LGA is it in?

I’ve been updating Wikidata items that are located in the administrative territorial entity of Fremantle (Q606212) because that isn’t actually an administrative territorial entity. Those items are actually in City of Fremantle (Q1455046), which is an LGA.

On which topic, I’ve also been trying to add LGA boundaries to OSM for Fremantle (relation 8617839), but haven’t finished yet.

Where did the road go?

Screenshot from JOSM, showing GPS traces where Hamtilton Road used to be.Ah! Just there. :-)

The Openstreetmap has just undergone a major change, in the form of the removal of all contributions by people who did not agree to the new licence (or the change of the licence; or something like that). I’ve been tinkering around my area, replacing missing bits. Very often, it’s quite easy to put the roads back thanks to all the GPS traces — as at left, with Hamilton Road.

Mapping Hilton

The OpenStreetMap of Hilton currently looks like this:

Which is pretty good, considering some parts of Perth; but it could be much better. So I’ve downloaded some Walking Papers (it’s rather an easy way to get a map printed on a grid of individual pages, along with an index page; here, there’s seventeen A4 pages all up):

Walking Papers screen capture

And shall print them, and (once the rain’s buggered off again) shall walk the streets (probably dropping off a few of the Freo Society’s new brochures along the way), clipboard, pen, and camera in hand, and fill in whatever’s missing.

Take that, Google Earth! (Hmm, yes, possibly not the most smashing blow to the forces of privatised data, but one likes to do one’s bit, eh?! Especially as it’ll culminate in a nice coffee at Figo’s.)