What LGA is it in?

I’ve been updating Wikidata items that are located in the administrative territorial entity of Fremantle (Q606212) because that isn’t actually an administrative territorial entity. Those items are actually in City of Fremantle (Q1455046), which is an LGA.

On which topic, I’ve also been trying to add LGA boundaries to OSM for Fremantle (relation 8617839), but haven’t finished yet.

Wikisource category browser now has other languages

I’ve updated the Wikisource validated works’ category browser tool to include other languages. So far it’s just Italian, and to some perhaps-incorrect extent French (there’s only four? that’s not right).

I just need more Wikisources to tell me the names of their validated works and root categories, and it’ll just be a matter of adding these to the config to get them running.

The category list is updated weekly.

Publisher-provided metadata

Reading on an ereader, I seem to lose all of the “publisher’s metadata”: there is no longer any hint of what type of book this is — no cover to judge, no binding, no typography to tell if it’s a serious literary thing or a pulpy time-passer or an old forgotten once-loved.

It’s probably good this way. Lets the text speak for itself. Mainly the loss harms my ability to recall a book, more than the way I receive its words. No more recollection of 20th century authors as dusty orange Penguins with failing glue. Now they sit alongside every other of any time whose surname begins as theirs does, or is (as arbitrarily) co-alphabetically titled.

Perhaps what I’m looking for is a chronology of literature? Victorians vs. post-war makes more sense than the alphabet as a reading criteria!

SMW suitability

Semantic MediaWiki can basically be coerced into doing whatever one wants. It’s powerful, and pretty easy to use, and works well for situations with lots of different types of things. The question is whether it is actually suitable, half the time.

Like a blog, for instance. Why would one use SMW over (say) WordPress? It seems to come down to how many other things one wants to do with the system. For example, blog posts might have photos attached, and if one wants to treat those photos as items in their own right (with authorship information, location, and other metadata, perhaps) then a straight-out blogging platform isn’t going to do that as flexibly.

See? I’m just trying to convince myself! I like MediaWiki…