Upgrading MediaWiki and SMW

I was updating MediaWiki to 1.17 last night, and kept getting a::

  Fatal error: Call to undefined function wfWarn() in /var/www/w/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/SMW_Setup.php on line 49

because I was setting up SMW with $wgServerName:


and this has been deprecated in 1.17. As for why SMW is using the nonexistant mfWarn(), I haven’t got time to investigate.

Catching up…

I have been playing around with a different form for this website for the last couple of weeks. Because I don’t particularly care if people don’t have access to it all the time, I made the changes to the live site, and so it’s looked pretty bad lately. Lots of changes behind the scenes, though, for me at least (I’m working on my email archiving system, and that’s taken priority).

Apologies to the only people who might actually have tried looking for this site — those looking for my WordPress plugins. But all’s back and well now; I’ll be posting a couple of updates to a couple of plugins sometime in the next fortnight. Maybe.

* * *

I’m leaving soon; I think I’ve mentioned that. No more shall my daily view be this:

…and I’m saying goodbye to here:

…and moving in to a lovely little house in White Gum Valley! Katie’s found us somewhere to live, and she’s moving in today! Good news.

But I won’t go on now; I’m waiting for the removalists to arrive and then I’m off to work. And the blog-self-consciousness has set in (so please don’t read this).

Nothin’ like a Good Upgrade to Start The Day

I got up early this morning to grab the phone line before the others awake – there’s eight here today and I guess someone will come hassling before long. I have returned to using wordpress (the software that I was using last year briefly) for this site, and have updated it to the latest (stable) version 1.0.2. I will be working on the layout and style over the coming days and weeks, but for now we will have to be happy with what we’ve got. What is it about standards compliant code that makes me happy? Why should I think that it is desirable for my code to be semantically identical to the code of everyone else?!

Silly person.