Cycle to Perth

I cycled to Perth yesterday, mainly as a way to stop thinking about things. I didn’t really think there would be any OSM mapping to be done on such a popular route, and there wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for the roadworks along the freeway

End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks
End of the cycle-path, thanks to roadworks (2019-08-17)

which forced me to cross over the overpass and ride through the streets of South Perth. The official detour ended and I could have crossed back, but I carried on… through non-cyclepaths and large detours around intersections.

Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth
Footpath to the Old Mill in South Perth (2019-08-17)

I looked at the map, and it did actually look like there was a whole path along the golf course that wasn’t on the map, but actually it was added a month ago and OSMand hasn’t updated yet.

But it was interesting to see the new timber shingles being put on the Old Mill.

New shingles being installed on the Old Mill, South Perth. — 2019-08-17 The Old Mill, roof renovations 1.jpg (17 August 2019, 13:47:05) by Samwilson, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Walking from North Freo, past CSR, to Green Reserve

We went for a walk the other day along the north bank of the river, so see what’s where and which bit is which.

Looking back towards Rocky Bay
Looking back towards Rocky Bay (2018-04-14)

The most interesting bit was the terrific adventure playground. Unfortunately I was too busy swinging on the rope swing to take any photos. It’s pretty encouraging that kids these days are still allowed to muck around with bits of wood and climb things and generally come into contact with the grubby and rough.

After that it was up and past the old CSR sugar refinery site in Mosman Park. There’s hardly any trace left of the place; it’s been completely replaced by a housing estate, but the old weighbridge deck has been kept and is embedded into the central road of the estate:

CSR memorial weighbridge
CSR memorial weighbridge (2018-04-14)

Beyond there, it was to Green Reserve, past the nice beach on the point.

The beach at Chidley Point
The beach at Chidley Point (2018-04-14)
Jetty at Green Reserve
Jetty at Green Reserve (2018-04-14): On the Swan River.