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Tabulate updated to not require REST API plugin November 25th, 2017, 9AM


I’ve removed Tabulate’s dependency on the REST API plugin, because that’s now been moved in to core WordPress. (Actually, that happened rather a while ago, but I’m slack and haven’t been paying enough attention to Tabulate this year; other things going on!) I hope to get back to adding file-field support to Tabulate sometime soon. […]

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WikiCite 2017 May 23rd, 2017, 1PM

Open content Programming

(Firefox asked me to rate it this morning, with a little picture of a broken heart and five stars to select from. I gave it five (’cause it’s brilliant) and then it sent me to a survey on titled “Heavy User V2”, which sounds like the name of an confused interplanetary supply ship.) Today […]

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Running tests on WordPress coding standards March 9th, 2016, 8AM


The docs for WordPress-Coding-Standards assume that one is installing things globally, but I don’t like my hacking on phpcs to break my usage of it elsewhere, so I wanted to cordon things off in their own little dev area. This is how. Clone the two required repositories to directories next to each other: cd ~/public_html/wordpress/ […]

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Spaces around dots March 8th, 2016, 2PM


One of the first odd things that one finds when starting to work with WordPress code is the excessive use of spaces. Something like: do_something(‘Words of ‘.$widget->noun($attrs[‘ish’])); becomes the the stretched out: do_something( ‘Words of ‘ . $widget->noun( $attrs[‘ish’] ) ); Which is fine, and actually now I’ve been using it for a decade I’m […]

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Uninstalling WordPress plugins in PHPunit March 1st, 2016, 9AM


There’s a problem with uninstalling Tabulate. Fatal error: Class ‘WordPress\Tabulate\DB\Grants’ not found in C:\work\public_html\wp\stage\wp-content\plugins\tabulate\uninstall.php on line 8 The uninstall.php file shouldn’t know anything about the actual plugin. It shouldn’t use any classes or functions from the plugin itself. This problem should have been caught before now, though, because the tests all run uninstall.php in their […]

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