A Tuesday morning


The internet seems to be full of bad news at the moment, so I'm ignoring it and focussing on some nice little code projects that are calming and friendly and only slightly maniacally frustrating.

SVG Translate tickets are petering out; version 0.10.3 is just out with some login fixes and language updates.

This morning I'm working on adding a 'messages exist' notification icon to the PageTriage toolbar.

And I think I've cracked the search-debouncing for my Embed Wikimedia plugin, so might be able to move on with the metadata- and appearance-improving stuff that I've been trying to do for weeks.

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  • Tons of bad news here too. Hope it sorts itself out ? I’ve been trying to keep myself distracted too, doesn’t always work though ? — Prateek Saxena, 2019-08-06 at 14:35.