Addressbook v.0.7 and other plugins

I have been ignoring this blog lately, I know. I’ve just been rather annoyed with WordPress, to tell the truth, and have been off playing in PmWiki at my own little place under So, sorry, no exciting updates from Life At IBM (ha! as if there ever was!)

Anyway, I’ve just released the latest version of my Addressbook plugin (so tell me anything I need to know about it here, below). This release fixes a couple of bugs that Benny brought to light, and reduces to Level 4 the required user level that a user must be at in order to manage the addressbook.

I’m also about to release a little image slideshow (or banner rotation) plugin that I (lovingly crafted) last night for Kerrie Tucker’s blog. (I’m just waiting for the repository to be approved.) And I might neaten up my bookkeeping plugin and release that later this week…

Thanks everyone, for using Addressbook.