All of Freotopia imported (but more to do)


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I got the last batch of Freotopia pages imported this morning, having fixed the session timeout issue I was having yesterday, and with only a couple of dozen wayward files left to sort out manually. The main roadblocks for the page contents were the spam filter complaining about URL shorteners and things, all of which were easy to fix.

Now I think there are a few more small mechanical fixes that can be made, but the bulk of the work will be in renaming, sorting, and making sure everything's linking together correctly.

Oh, and I had to leave out the full text of Battye's Cyclopedia of Western Australia for now because each volume was a page of its own and that's too much for MediaWiki. The text hadn't been proofread or formatted, so it doesn't matter too much; I'll come back later and add it in, one page per chapter.

I also fixed up the main navigation menus, to mirror the structure of Freotopia's homepage (but with slightly different top-level divisions).