All the stations have an adventure

Montreal, Canada

Today is [All The Stations](‘ “have an adventure” day, in which they’re asking people to visit a railway station that they’ve never been to before. When I first heard about it I figured I have to end up at somewhere boring like [Aubin Grove]( but as it turns out I’m actually at Wikimania in Montreal! So it’s rather easy to find a station to which I’ve never been; in fact, with the assistance of a friend, I have today been to seven new stations.


[<img src="" alt="All the stations have an adventure" width="500" height="281" />](


[<img src="" alt="Square-Victoria-OACI station" width="450" height="800" />](

[Place d’Armes]( (no photo).


[<img src="" alt="Champ-de-Mars station" width="500" height="281" />](


[<img src="" alt="Berri-UQAM station" width="500" height="281" />](


[<img src="" alt="Jean-Drapeau station" width="500" height="281" />](


[<img src="" alt="Longueuil station" width="500" height="281" />](

And also [Windsor](, which isn’t actually a station any more:

[<img src="" alt="Windsor station" width="450" height="800" />](