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I sat at the airport last night and finished fixing a bug with Basildon. I'm not quite sure why I'm persisting with that project, because I think I'm not going to continue using it for the HMW archives (which currently has the messy setup of being simultaneously on two websites). The bug occurred when an inline shortcode was used within an inline Markdown construct. For example, a linebreak in emphasis such as this:

Lorem *ipsum{br}sic amet*.

That should be fine now, although I did make an intermediate mistake of making it necessary for the shortcode callbacks to receive either a ShortcodeInline or ShortcodeBlock object. I quickly followed up with a return to just giving them a Shortcode object (if they need to know which is which they can look at $sc->getBody() I think, although maybe it'd be worth adding $sc->isInline()), so there's no need to change anything. The shortcode package is still pre-release so I don't feel too bad breaking things quickly like this — and of course I'm absolutely the only person who's using it or even knows it exists.

Anyway, it's the next morning now and I've got a while before my next flight, so I might see what photos are needed on Commons. Although I dare say this airport sees enough bored and camera-equipped Wikimedians that there's not that much left to do.