Begone broodiness!

<img src='' alt='"Little One", our bantam, in solitary confinement. Poor thing.' style='float:left; margin:0 1em 1em 0' />We’ve been trying to stop our bantam from being broody for the last week or so, to no avail. Someone said that putting a clutch of ice cubes under her would do the trick, but it just seemed too painful—she sat there, looking poor and hungry and desperately trying to warm these frozen eggs; it was awful to see. So I pulled her off (much to her annoyance, as usual) and put her in the cage (the Funny Cage that came in the mail a few days ago, addressed to ‘Raymo’…). She seems unhappy, but willing to put up with it (she hasn’t really got a choice though, has she? Poor thing.).

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