(When one has an office....) Roll in to work, settle in for half an hour or so, and then head to the tearoom to make a cup of coffee. A good way to get one’s head in for a nice morning building databases. But that’s further down the list of Best Ways to Drink Coffee…

  1. A nice cosy cafe, without overly-loud music, tables a good height and not rocking, and nothing at all to do for a good few hours. Espresso.
  2. The office coffee machine, or ‘coffee printer’ — as it really does behave more like a noisy dot-matrix printer.
  3. Mocca-pot, or (secondly) frech press, at home with just-ground beans and a clean kitchen in which to make it. The choice of cup is far more satisfying here.
  4. A ”coffee bag” can be surprisingly good if all else fails.

Note that the muck they call instant coffee does not appear in this list.

Moka pot

Sometimes, I pre-boil the water: not only does the coffee get made faster, but the top compartment of the moka-pot can be preheated with a bit of extra hot water from the kettle. This water then gets poured out into the cup, and preheats that also.

Other times, there's no pre-boiling, and the upper chamber is left to be warmed from the gas below. The mug is precariously balanced on the trivet, to be warmed as well.

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