Cooler Master MK730 keyboard


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I do really like the Cooler Master MK730 keyboard, but it has various key combinations that are used for setting its argy-bargy behaviour and other things. Now and then I accidentally hit one of these without knowing which, and things change. Usually this is just a matter of having weird flashing lights for a few days until I give in and try to get back to my normal unlit state, but today it seemed that I'd done something to the ctrl key — I couldn't copy and paste. How's a coder meant to survive like that?!

Anyway, the product sheet (PDF) was of no use, but thanks to a Reddit post I figured out that it was the Windows Lock, Fn+F9. I thought I'd end this post with a list of all the useful key combos, but I've got the thing working enough to make me happy for now, so I'm not going to bother.