Cross-referencing in MediaWiki Genealogy


I want to add a new tag to the Genealogy extension: {{#genealogy:ref|Page Name}}

This would display a person's page name and years of birth and death, in exactly the same way that the 'partners' and 'children' lists currently do (and in fact, those would be changed to use the new 'ref' system). So for example, {{#genealogy:ref|John Smith}} would result in John William Smith (1878–1953) with the first part just being the full page name (after redirects have been followed) and the second part in parentheses being the 'coverage' or 'short description' value of that page (the details of which are in phabricator:T175667).

The idea is that whenever one mentions a person anywhere on the wiki, it'd be nice to sometimes be able to display that person's full name and details without having to look them up and duplicate them on the current page. It's something I've used for years in a custom \bioref{} command in my LaTeX family histories.

I'm not sure that this is actually a genealogy problem though. It seems like the sort of thing that would be useful in lots of different contexts, and perhaps already does exist in some extension or other. I'll do some more investigating...

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