I bought a French-built Pergeut bike in about 1999. It served me well for a decade, but when I left Canberra I left it behind.

The Fuji at Rous Head.

In about 2015 I got a Fuji Touring. Steel frame, big hefty thing, dark green. It's a bit of a tank, but is nice to ride.

I've an idea to record information about the tools I use for my bikes. Tools first, and for which parts they’re used, then parts and the tools they need in a second table. I've tried this a few times over the years, going from a hand-drawn and then photocopied table, to a proper database thing. Now it seems a wiki table is worth a shot.

Table 1: Tools for the Fuji Touring.
Tool Size Used for
Hex wrench 2 mm Rear derailleur pulley bolts
4.5 mm Chainring bolts
5mm Brake levers, brake cable clamps
Spanner 8 mm Pedal reflector nuts
Bottom bracket multitool Bottom bracket, threaded, Shimano Hollowtech II SM-BB51, shell width 68 mm.

Rear drivechain: 9-speed cassette. Jockey pulleys need a 2mm hex, the top one (with 'G-pulley' for guide pulley written on it) has the metal bushing. Use weak threadlocker.

  • 2023-03-02: Replaced front brake cable and housing. Need new less-squashy cable cutters.
  • 2023-03-28: Re-waxed the chain.
  • 2023-07-15: ditto
  • 2023-07-21: New front light, a Cygolite Metro 800. Had to remove the rubber liners in the mount to make it fit.
  • 2023-10-01: Re-waxed the chain. Noticed the bottom bracket has a tiny bit of movement. Painted a couple of scratches on the chain stays.