December 2018

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Status updates

ID Date Status
S65 2018-12-06 3:01:00 PM It's a rainy dawn in San Diego. Grey skies and a bit chilly. Happy to be in this warm room (and with a better coffee than the urn provides).
S66 2018-12-07 12:37:00 AM This is a test post.
S67 2018-12-07 4:27:00 PM I'm finally fixing an upload bug in PhpFlickr, and in doing so I went looking for an answer to a thing, only to find that I had exactly this same question 2 years ago and the answer (that I wrote) is still the same. Oops. Hard to not go in circles sometimes.
S68 2018-12-09 9:42:00 PM Is there any way to make WordPress store the timezone of a post? And then make it display the correct local time for each post (but still sort them in chronological order)? I'm not sure there is, but here in MediaWiki with Cargo it's pretty easy. Maybe a bit clunky though! I've been working on my [
S69 2018-12-09 11:31:00 PM I've fixed the PhpFlickr upload bug. Now just need to clean up the patch. But first I'm going to go and explore the rest of this library.
Building WordPress assets 2018-12-25 2:36:08 AM A blog post was written: Building WordPress assets
S86 2018-12-25 4:16:58 PM It's Christmas morning, which means it must be time to hack on some code! Huzza! (I still haven’t figured out how to get WordPress to show posts in their local timezones. As an interim fix, I’ve set this site to show in UTC, but perhaps that’s just more confusing.)
S70 2018-12-27 4:44:00 PM Does this work? [Edit:] yes, it does.
S71 2018-12-27 6:57:00 PM I'm standing on a train that hasn't moved for 10 minutes. The tannoy seems broken too. I wonder if this is all there is now.
S72 2018-12-27 7:50:00 PM I think I've finally found a good cafe near the office: nice place to sit, something of a view, tables the right height, and great espresso (I'm learning that 'coffee' here doesn't really mean what it does back home). I'll come back here.
S73 2018-12-27 7:55:00 PM I forget that shell accounts are so cool. Someone giving me access to a Linux machine in 2000 was really what got me properly into programming (and turned me into a vi user).
S74 2018-12-27 10:42:00 PM Cloud chambers are cool.
S75 2018-12-28 6:20:00 PM Friday, and I'm stuffing around getting my new laptop set up. It's something of a downgrade though: the 'm' key hardly works, it's missing one rubber foot, and the control key is in the wrong place. Hurrumph. It does, however, have a working battery. Huzza.
S76 2018-12-28 9:25:00 PM Gosh, sometimes it's really hard to stay focused on a thing. I don't like it when bug reports conflict, and it's not clear which path one should take. Makes me go from one to the other and back again, and never make any progress. :(
S77 2018-12-28 9:36:00 PM The cool thing about being 16 hours behind where I normally am is that I get to listen to the Friday comedy podcast from the BBC actually on Friday, instead of scrunched into the weekend as I usually do.
S78 2018-12-29 1:22:00 AM I'm drinking a beer called Union Jack IPA, with the motto "Beer Before Glory". Apposite, considering the stupid Apache config problems I'm running into right now. No glory here.
Blue Bottle 2018-12-29 5:54:00 PM A blog post was written: Blue Bottle
S79 2018-12-29 10:00:00 PM Hooray for the heater! Suddenly, things are looking better (I turned the heater on).
S80 2018-12-30 11:52:00 AM It should probably be called MissedPages instead.


Title Date Location
In a café in Berkeley 2018-12-09 9:32:00 PM Berkeley
Building WordPress assets 2018-12-25 2:36:08 AM
Blue Bottle 2018-12-29 5:54:00 PM Berkeley


20181227 115552.jpg
20181227 115552.jpg

The first time I'd ever seen a Google car in the wild. Would be in San Francisco of course.
Fremantle library demolition.jpg
Fremantle library demolition.jpg

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