FHS dinner; and the Queen


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Photo of the Queen's portrait.

A terrific dinner last night at Villa Roma for the Fremantle History Society. Larry Foley spoke about his life growing up in Fremantle and working in the wool trade here and all over WA. The food was great, and it was nice to meet some new people and enjoy the general vibe of the Society.

Before the dinner, I popped in to the Workers’ Club garage sale. It was over, but Don was good enough to share a beer with me and indulge my wish to explore the cellar — which is where the portrait at left came from. It’s now got pride of place in my pile-of-things-to-be-hung-on-the-wall. Maybe.

These old clubs all used to have portraits of the Queen, it seems. The North Freo Bowls club’s is still hanging. Some Scout halls keep theirs on the wall too. Allegiance to Empire and all that bollocks, I guess; I’m not keeping this in adherence that same spirit, but just because it’s odd to remember that people used to think this sort of thing was important.