Freedom is here at last

I’m finished with university for the year, and that skipping calm happiness of walking into a library and being free to read whatsoever I like is mine again! O friendly days!

I leave for Perth in two days, on bike and bus and train, and am getting ready in my usual half-arsed but ready too soon sort of way; I’ve packed my bags, but now can’t remember what’s in them. I staggered up early this morning, into the garage (picking through the shards of broken beer bottles that spring now and then from the crates that hold a bad batch of homebrew) and pulled my bike to bits to see if I could get it into the box I’ve got for it to travel in. Bit of a fiddle, but it’ll all be okay.

A word on this blog: I’m not really sure what I think I’m doing here, boring you all with meaningless details like the above — I appologise most profusely. However, do please bear with me, I may be going somewhere with this. (Or I may not be, of course.) My idea today is something about cycling and being aimless and writing about places; we’ll see what happens. I’ll have my bike in WA, you see, and probably will be carrying this computer; so I’ll blog.

It’s something to do, and God knows one doesn’t like to be IDLE.