Freo Bloggers’ meetup


There’s going to be a Freo Bloggers’ meetup in three weeks, at X-Wray cafe on August 2nd, from about 5:30PM.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="A Socialist at Speakers' Corner" title="A Socialist at Speakers' Corner" width="240" height="172" /></a>Photo by Pedro Figueiredo [<a href="">CC-BY-SA-2.0</a>]

Partly inspired by the activity starting to happen on Freospace blogs (and the possibilities of disagreement therein!), but mainly just because it’s nice to have a beer after work and meet some of the people who’s names we see dotted around the web.

The idea is to just talk about whatever’s interesting: who’s blogging, and why; how to contribute; what software to use; photography; what to write about; anything, really. Even if you’re not a blogger, but are interested in jumping on a soapbox, come along to learn how! It’s jolly easy.

(By the way, on the topic of blogging: if you’re a WordPress user, they’re doing <a href="">a survey of how you use WP</a>, if you feel like helping.)

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