Freotopia files and text


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I've been having a nice time this afternoon setting up a couple of scripts to go through the Freotopia files, and uploading them into a MediaWiki wiki, in preparation for getting the new Freopedia wiki online. It's great working with a dataset that's really almost completely orderly and sensible. The only issues so far have been a single zero-byte icon file, a bunch of JPGs that were actually PNGs and other things, and one file not encoded with Unicode (which turned out to not be needed anyway).

I'm now waiting for the file (i.e. JPGs, PDFs, and PNGs) upload command to finish (there are 9,621 of them). While I'm waiting I'm sorting out the HTML to wikitext conversion: using Pandoc for the bulk, and then various bits of regex hackiness to sort out the last bits and pieces. Hopefully the text pages will be ready to upload later tonight.

The weirdly stuck glass stopper on the bottle of gin I bought in Perth is still stuck, but if I can get into it then I might leave the actual running of the last bit till the morning. Doesn't do to surf the Ballmer wave into the shallows. Or something.