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I've been this evening to pick up the entire content dump of from Garry Gillard. He's donating it all to Wikimedia Australia so that we can incorporate it into (or rather, so Freopedia can expand to include a new wiki that will contain Freotopia and other material).

At first glance, there are 4,254 HTML files and 9,218 JPEGs (out of 28,476 all up). Here's a random sample:


My plan of action is something along the lines of:

  • Upload an as-is zip file of the whole lot to the Internet Archive, as a point-in-time archive. (Edit: now done, see Freotopia_2024-06-17.)
  • Filter out all actual files that are part of Freotopia (e.g. there are lots of files, I think created by Dreamweaver, starting with ._ — and a few that don't relate to Fremantle at all).
  • Create a list of all the wanted files (HTML as well as images) on Freopedia, and map these to the page names that they'll end up with.
  • Use pandoc to convert the HTML to MediaWiki markup.
  • Upload all images.
  • Upload all pages, with a {{freotopia}} header that'll indicate their source and link to the project page.
  • Progressively go through all the pages, tidying things up and bringing it all up to date.