From mud-and-straw to IBM

The chickenhouse must get finished! The chooks are growing up, and they’re in the shed with a little light to keep them warm — but we’ve got such a lovely house planned for them, and we just must finish it! It’s at the bottom of the garden, with two runs (summer and winter; nothing but the best for our chooks y’know), and is built (well, being built, at any rate) of mud and straw. I’ll post some photos soon, when Luke’s home and I can plug his camera in.

So it really needs to be finished soon… they’re growing up, and I’m starting full-time work in a week. No more dreaming idle days away for me, no Sir! No more getting up at nine thirty and spending an hour wandering what to have for breakfast (before breaking fast on exactly what I had the day before, it must be said): I am, as of next Monday, to be counted amongst those many souls employed by the International Business Machine (and I mean that in both senses: IBM, and the military-industrial complex).

It’s a far-flung thing, this job. Far in the south, in Tuggeranong, where I’d never been till the IBM interview. But on the bus each morning I’ll get, and shine my shoes and iron my shirts, and yes indeed, I’ll be a Good Little Geek, earning a crust and logging life (more on that latter, later).