Future of the Wishlist


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My team at the WMF is responsible for running and working on the wishes in the annual Community Wishlist Survey. The survey is a system for gathering prioritising ideas from the editing communities, and it's worked pretty well for many years. But there are a bunch of problems with it, largely around the size and number of the wishes and the size of the team working on them. I've always felt that a survey that feeds into more teams' (and maybe even more organisations, i.e. hubs) workflows would be good.

Yesterday we announced a new direction for the survey: Shaping the future of the Community Wishlist Survey.

It's nothing absolutely ground-breaking or different really, because I think everyone's wary of plans that involve massive upheaval and reinvention of things. The key next steps are:

  • Creating a new, continuous intake system for community technical requests.
  • The new intake system will be part of our annual planning.
  • The Community Tech team will work on wishes from the backlog until this new system is in place.

Discussion is at meta:Talk:Community Wishlist Survey/Future Of The Wishlist.