Glossaries in Semantic MediaWiki

A simple glossary system for Semantic MediaWiki that lets you define key terms for use in technical documentation etc.

A term can be referenced from anywhere in the wiki with Template:Defined term inline. This results in the term being displayed in a distinct style (green for instance) and linked to the term’s wikipage. When a user hovers over the link, a tooltip is displayed that contains the term’s definition.

Software required: MediaWiki, ParserFunctions, SemanticMediaWiki, SemanticForms.

Pages required:

  1. Defined terms
  2. Template:Defined term
  3. Template:Defined term inline
  4. Form:Defined term
  5. Property:Definition
  6. MediaWiki:Common.css (to change the style of the inline terms)
  7. MediaWiki:Common.js (to fix the tooltip display)
  8. Category:Defined terms (no content actually required, but probably should at least be categorized)
  9. Data pages

Defined terms

Define a term: {{#forminput: form=Defined term }}

{{#ask: [[Category:Defined terms]] [[Definition::+]] |?Definition |format=table |mainlabel=Term }}

[[Category:Defined terms]]

Form:Defined term

Define a term: {{#forminput:form=Defined term}}

{{{for template|Defined term}}}
{| class="wikitable"
! Definition:
| {{{field|Definition|input type=textarea|mandatory|rows=6|autogrow}}}
* Be detailed.
* Do not start with the term itself; e.g. "A Widget is a..."
* End with a full stop.
{{{end template}}}

[[Category:Defined terms]]

Template:Defined term

{| class="wikitable"
{{#set: Definition={{{Definition}}} }}
{{#formlink: form=Defined term |link text=Edit this definition |target={{PAGENAME}} }}

[[Defined terms|View all defined terms]]

[[Category:Defined terms]]

Template:Defined term inline

<includeonly><span class="defined-term" title="{{#show: {{{1|Defined_term}}} |?Definition }}">{{#if: {{{2|}}} | [[{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]] | [[{{{1}}}]] }}</span></includeonly><noinclude>

== Usage ==

<code><nowiki>{{defined term inline|term}}</nowiki></code>

<code><nowiki>{{defined term inline|term|displayed text}}</nowiki></code>
[[Category:Defined terms]]


A definition is a [[Has type::text]]ual explanation of the meaning of something.


// The enclosing span has a title, and the anchor's one overrides it.
$("span.defined-term a").removeAttr("title");


.defined-term a { cursor:help; color:#060 }
.defined-term { color:red }

Data pages

These will be created by the form above, and need never be edited directly.


{{Defined term|Definition=Not a cat.}}

Defined term:

{{Defined term|Definition=A word or phrase that has a specific and agreed-upon meaning.}}


{{Defined term|Definition=Not a dog.}}