Victoria Park

The BOM is giving warnings again, even pushing them at me via their app. They like to give warnings, I feel like it's since the great hailstorm of 2010 — they're very keen not to leave people unalarmed when perhaps there's going to be something to worry about.

This weekend it's a heatwave that they're warning about. And to be fair, it is a bit hot. Was still 37° at my house yesterday at 5PM. It's somewhat better today.

(Sorry, I'm not sure why I'm recording this here. There's nothing to say other than it's hot.) My laptop fan is running. The beer goes warm faster than is good. The buses thankfully are being mostly good (other than the driver just now who decided to leave us all sitting without aircon and with the doors open while he headed off for a break).

Big weather things are worth recording, I think. Hailstorms and floods are good for taking photos of — headwaves are less photogenic, and rely on melty things and parched grass to convey it. I'm not even bothering to try (and anyway I left my camera at home).