I’m redundant

This week is the first time for seven years that I’ve not had a job to go to (and not been on holiday). So of course I’m sitting at a computer working on some code, drinking a coffee. The location (Parlapa) is better than the office, and more importantly my mind is not full of thoughts of work-code; it’s time to focus on projects that make me feel good. <figure style="width: 155px" class="wp-caption alignright"> [<img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1690/26202943376_a912e1c168_m.jpg" alt="Sailing in Spain, 1975" width="155" height="240" /> <figcaption class="wp-caption-text"> Sailing in Spain, 1975](https://www.flickr.com/photos/freosam/26202943376/in/album-72157666673165571/ "Sailing in Spain, 1975") </figcaption> </figure> Which is a tricky proposition, of course, because there are so many that I’d like to put time into, and it’s hard to prioritise. This morning I’ve been attempting to figure out why a cronjob I’ve got running on Tool Labs isn’t sending me emails. Yesterday I was scanning a small stack of photos that my dad took in Spain in 1975. Next I shall continue with a little website I’ve been working on to make it easier to search and browse books on Wikisource (almost all of the data for which is coming from Wikidata). But then there’s this little tool that I wrote a while ago for producing HTML and LaTeX albums from Flickr groups; it needs expanding and improving. Not to mention my desire to explore AtoM some more, especially in relation to how we might be able to use it while working on the Maps for Lost Towns Geogeeks project.

See? Too many things. That’s why jobs are good: one need just turn up every morning and have a ready-made list of what’s-to-be-done.