Mapping Hilton


The OpenStreetMap of Hilton currently looks like this:

Hilton on OSM. (source)

Which is pretty good, considering some parts of Perth; but it could be much better. So I’ve downloaded some Walking Papers (it’s rather an easy way to get a map printed on a grid of individual pages, along with an index page; here, there’s seventeen A4 pages all up):

And shall print them, and (once the rain’s buggered off again) shall walk the streets (probably dropping off a few of the Freo Society’s new brochures along the way), clipboard, pen, and camera in hand, and fill in whatever’s missing.

Take that, Google Earth! (Hmm, yes, possibly not the most smashing blow to the forces of privatised data, but one likes to do one’s bit, eh?! Especially as it’ll culminate in a nice coffee at Figo’s.)