Metalworking bench

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I started this workbench sort of as a way to use up the jarrah from Maia's jetty-bed, and a large 40 mm tabletop (also jarrah) that Dave and I found in the bulk chuck-outs in 2010. It seemed a good idea at first, but the chopping out and patching of termite-eaten bits and other defects took quite a while. Then I gave up one of the legs to the new letterbox in 2019. So the whole project started to feel a bit like it should have started with a better design and purpose-bought timber. Still, that would've left me with a pile of jarrah to use for something, so I continued.

Making the rails was more fun, because the wood was in better condition. I cut six pieces (at 1150 mm long) of 50 x 90 (or rather, variations of 2x3", i.e. about 43 to 51 mm thick), and jointed four of them — to make two 180 and two 90 mm deep. The wide ones will go at the bottom, and the narrower ones at the top (so that the first drawer isn't too far down from the benchtop).