NaBloPoMo, and Don’t Read This.

Thanks to all the modern things I have just this morning become aware of NaBloPoMo, which seems to be the alternative, for those lacking in ambition (like myself), to NaNoWriMo.  The idea is to write one post per day for the whole month.  Why?  Well, I’m not quite sure, but it seems that lots of people think it’s a good idea — and I guess I do, too.  I used to enjoy blogging, but then got embarrased: why would anyone want to read anything that I have written?!

So please n.b. that I do not think that anyone out there should be reading this, and that I am writing it in public only because I don’t mind if anyone does read it, and so it’s easier than sorting out the security necessary to keep it private. If that makes sense? It is convenient for me to write online, where my words will reside somewhat safer than they would be in this little laptop in my leak-prone shed, and the fact that these words are available to you is really of little concern.

But back to the point (or not): NaBloPoMo, a term coined in 1984 for people who don’t like to have oral sex with post-modernists. Or so, I think, Mr. Tim Brook-Taylor may have said on ISIHAC. Or not.

On a more community-oriented note, I intend to get back to developing the Addressbook plugin, mainly because of all of the nice emails and comments I’ve had about it, and so … oh, but I think I ought to make up for my late start in Nablopomo (bugger the silly camel-capitalisation) by making this another post. Hang on.