On Writing

Around and aound I go as always, but now at least I am starting to see the pattern. For the last few days I have been in techno-mode, spending a lot of time on computers and ignoring the world. Predictably, this immersion in the web has resulted in my this afternoon rearranging my room and putting my computer under a dust sheet behind my desk. I do not want to feel my head buzzing so much that I am unable to think; I want to slow down. I really like it when I feel like this. That’s something worth remembering, because when I’m feeling into computers I still feel somehwere inside me that I would rather not be. Anyway, I wont go on about this now, I want to focus on poetry, space, quietness, time – things that don’t really exist within computer-space.

I ponder an interesting conundrum: I like putting my notes online in the form of a blog, because it helps me to edit them and I end up writing a lot better than I usually do. But I also want to write in a nice book with a nice pen (as I am now). Shall I do so, even though it will be only a draft? As I wrote that realised: yes. It is of vital importance that I do not get carried away with ‘doing’ and forget this moment, right now. Any tool or activity that helps me do that is good, likewise something that causes me to loose sight of the lovelyness of current time and space is not. I will type up these notes, and post them on my website, and I will remember what I have just said when I’m sitting in the computer lab. (Of course I will remember – I’ll be typing it! [I did remember.]) I like to publish my thoughts because it forces me to a) write better and b) think a lot more about what I’m writing. I don’t really do it because I expect anyone to read them; I write as though I do, but the audience has served its function as soon as I’ve written, and matters no more.

    • *I am thinking of a series of photographs, based on the following matrix:

Made by: Of what: Where:
Human-animal Natural Nature
Human-machine Human-machined Human-made