Paper Blog


I am posting my entry today from paper, from a corner table in the window of Gino’s. I’ve a coffee, and a proper custart tart, and all the time in the world. Until I have to be at Kulcha… but yes, all the time in the world! It’s a laborious process, you see, posting to WordPress from paper and ink. One has a wide gap to bridge, between here and the internet.

On the internet, there is no time. That’s not true! Well, no, but it is easy to feel an odd sense of hurry on the net, of having — or just being able — to do things *right away*. On paper there is no such thing. Especially on paper in a café, with ink and a custart tart.

I love it here! In Freo, I mean. And Gino’s seems to just keep on going, far more depandably than anywhere else. And the tables are the right height — that matters. Hush, down the road, never thought about that.

But I should explain myself, and why I’m writing this.

I’m rambling on, filling your screen with ink, and for no apparent purpose. But I do have a purpose! I have the most random arbitrary pointless purpose there is in November: it’s National Blog-Posting Month. I am writing something — anything! — every day for the duration of November. I don’t know why.

The problem is that one can not possibly have sensible interesting things to say, once every twenty-four hours. It just doesn’t work. As I was cycling to work this morning, I remember having some idea of writing about how to increase the incidence of iCalendar-formatted event feeds amongst Freo websites… but now that’s all been replaced by a soft smiling sort of a feeling at the smells and textures of Freo, and the optimism that’s increasing as we head on into summer! Not a mood to be making sense from (or of, really).