ReStructuredText for me

It’s a hot evening here; still, quiet, and hot. No one’s been home all evening. So I’ve had a lovely few hours of concentration and quiet, and passed the evening in listening to old By Design episodes about municipal architecture in rural Australia and converting all of the various prose-entry parts of my website to use reStructuredText. ReST is a groovy, and remarkably easy to learn (compared to say, TeX, which is possibly not a very good comparison but it’s what I have been using up until now for most of my writing), text markup syntax. It’s really rather exciting!

The best thing about ReST is, I think, the fact that it can be converted not only into HTML — for which I usually use Markup, because it’s about as simple as these things get — but also into LaTeX or ODT or anything else that one might want.

So I just thought I’d send out some kudos to the people who’ve put so much good thought into building this thing. Huzza!