ReqWiki semantic software requirements management

ReqWiki is a Semantic MediaWiki-based system for software requirements management. It looks very interesting.

We know that requirements engineering has a large impact on the success of a project, yet sophisticated tool support, especially for small to mid-size enterprises, is still lacking. We present ReqWiki, a novel open source web-based approach based on a semantic wiki that includes natural language processing (NLP) assistants, which work collaboratively with humans on the requirements specification documents.

ReqWiki features three top-level wiki pages that are considered the entry points to the SRS documentation platform. They have been designed to guide stakeholders through the RE process (Fig. 3).

The top-level pages are as follows:

  • A Vision page to define the product position, stakeholders, assumptions, dependencies, needs, and features;
  • a Use Case page to define actors, goals, and use cases;
  • a Supplementary Specification page to define functional and non-functional requirements, standards, legal notes, test cases and traceability links.

The wiki pages are available on Github.

(Here’s a local copy of the PDF, in case the link above goes away one day.)