Scanning or clicking photos


Most photo management software treats photos and files as one and the same thing. One photo equals one file, and any derivatives or alternatives of the photo up as separate photos in the system. Flickr's like this, as is Wikimedia Commons, and DigiKam and other desktop systems too. But it's annoying! Certainly it makes sense for the majority of photos, those that are born digital and never edited, but I find myself working with other photos quite often and things are not so simple. Even a simple digital photo with a single cropped or otherwise modified version needs a separate level of description, and when it comes to digitized negatives or multiple prints things get more messy. The rule I follow these days is that a 'photo' is the click of the camera, and whatever results from that — be it negatives, prints, digital files, and any number of derivatives — should be grouped together and called the same thing. But even that is messy, because individual physical parts need to also be represented by their own metadata (but can still comprise multiple files).

So that means I end up with a structure like the following, with each node being a separate wiki page. Somewhat overkill for most pics.

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