Sitting near a fence

Chained gate

I am sitting on hot concrete near a fence and a sing that reads “NO THOROUGHFARE”. The concrete is a path (leading to the sign), the fence is pretty normal, and the sign doesn’t tell anyone anything that the locked gate doesn’t. I don’t suppose this gate is ever open; I’ve certainly never seen it so. It leads from a road to a carpark, and the carpark is accessed from a different road. I’m not sure who’s meant to walk from one to the other.

"No Thoroughfare" sign

The sign, though: let me look at that. Why is it fixed to the steel pipe? That would’ve been put in for it specifically, wouldn’t it? No, on a second look, it does have a bracing function — the two parallel bars where there was no room for an angled brace down to the ground. But did they really need to put ten rivets in the thing?! And cut its corners away like that — it’s a nice touch, letting the tin lie flat on the pipes, but it seems like a lot of extra work for such a thing as this. No council did this, I think! And, once whoever it was had cut the corners and was about to drill all those holes — why didn’t they bother putting the blasted thin in the centre?! surely that’s not much extra work?

Still, some people — not that long ago — put a lot of work into a big concrete path, fence, gate, and the sign, all so that no one can go through here.