Subiaco history


Subiaco History Inspiration by Roel Loopers, 15 January 15 2024:

Today I went to look at how Subi celebrates it’s history on the planter boxes on the median strip all along Rokeby Road. It looks great!

And I envy Subi for the tree-lined shopping street. If only Fremantle had trees in the centre of the Cappuccino Strip and on both sides of High Street. It makes so much sense to create shade, and it enhances the streetscape.

Rogerson Buildings on the corner of Rokeby and Roberts roads

I wondered up Rokeby Road myself today, thinking similar things about the trees (although the preponderance of plane trees is a bit worrying, as the summers heat up and they can't cope).

I headed to the library, but it's closed for renovations:

So I headed onwards to the pop-up library: