Uninstalling WordPress plugins in PHPunit

There’s a problem with uninstalling Tabulate.

Fatal error: Class 'WordPress\Tabulate\DB\Grants' not found
in C:\work\public_html\wp\stage\wp-content\plugins\tabulate\uninstall.php on line 8

The uninstall.php file shouldn’t know anything about the actual plugin. It shouldn’t use any classes or functions from the plugin itself.

This problem should have been caught before now, though, because the tests all run uninstall.php in their tearDown() function. The reason they don’t is that the Tabulate classes are still available at that point.

Perhaps it’s a matter of removing the autoloader? In the tearDown() function:

$autoloader = require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

But no, then the autoloader isn’t loaded for the next test. So can we re-enable it in setUp()? Yes, but that still doesn’t make it fail on the classes used in uninstall.php… I’m not sure why not.

Is there anything wrong with just including autoload.php in uninstall.php? No, I thought not.

That was easy.